ESSA info from CDE

ESSA implementation is so important for parents to be involved in as the main stakeholder of education! We are sharing this email from CDE so you can sign up and make sure the parent voice is heard:

Overwhelming interest 

We are pleased to have received an overwhelming response from teachers, parents, business organizations, education groups, district staff, school staff, advocacy groups and many others requesting to participate in the ESSA Hub and Spoke committee process and to be involved in the development of a state plan generally.

The work of the HUB and Spoke committees is now underway. However, formal committee work is only one part of the ESSA state plan development, and the Colorado Department of Education is committed to providing multiple avenues and opportunities for interested individuals and organizations to review plans and provide feedback as part of the ESSA plan development process. Even if you are not on a committee, that does not mean you have missed your opportunity to influence that committee’s work!

How to Have Your Voice Heard

In order to ensure CDE has adequate time to review public comments and prepare a final draft for review by the State Board of Education, the Department will release a calendar of when people can provide input as well as the nature of the input that will be solicited.

Given current time constraints around the writing of the plan and development, feedback will most effectively be considered if it is provided during the window of time indicated.

An invitation to provide feedback will be sent to all email addresses submitted to CDE to receive updates, and to all Local Education Agencies (LEAs).

Responses to this invitation will be the best way to provide feedback at this stage. To receive an invitation, please submit your email to

What type of feedback will be expected:

  • Support and/or critique of key plan elements
  • (Districts, schools and charter schools will be asked, specifically, to help identify any unintended consequences of the recommended plan elements)

What information you will receive:

  • List of key decision points
  • Summary of recommended elements for a section of the state plan
  • Key differences between current state plan and recommended plan
  • Brief explanation of the rationale

When the feedback will be accepted: 

CDE will release a schedule for feedback. Because of timeline constraints, it is anticipated respondents will have only one week to provide feedback for each ESSA topic. The calendar of dates will be provided in advance so the public can plan accordingly. CDE anticipates publishing the calendar of feedback opportunities no later than Oct. 15.

Other ways to be included in the process

Here are other ways CDE will continue to incorporate the public’s voices in the process:

There are many ways to be involved in the process. We continue to be impressed with the public’s level of interest at participating in the challenging task of helping to draft the state’s ESSA plan. This work needs community involvement and we are so thankful that schools, districts, and community representatives have stepped up. We will continue to offer ways to be involved with the process as it goes forward. Thank you again for your interest.